About Snezana Wood, the face behind our new luxurious Bedroom-to-Brunch Collection

Homebodii is incredibly excited to announce our latest collaboration with the radiant Snezana Wood, a celebrated TV personality, lifestyle influencer, and devoted mother. The Snezana Wood x Homebodii collection redefines luxury sleepwear and lingerie, offering pieces that exude individuality and versatility. These exquisite items are designed to transition seamlessly from the bedroom to a night out, embodying sophistication and timeless style.

A Love Story Born on The Bachelor

Snezana Wood, formerly Snezana Markoski, captured the hearts of Australians when she appeared on The Bachelor in 2015. It was during this reality TV show that she met her now-husband, Sam Wood. Their love story blossomed before the nation, culminating in a beautiful wedding in 2018. Together, they have three children, creating a loving and dynamic family.

From Macedonia to Australia: Snezana's Journey

Born and raised in Perth, Snezana moved to Macedonia with her parents during her childhood. After a few years abroad, she returned to Australia, bringing with her a rich cultural heritage that has undoubtedly influenced her unique style and presence. Today, Snezana is not only a beloved TV personality but also a lifestyle influencer, known for her impeccable taste and authenticity.

Overcoming Challenges: A Story of Strength

Snezana and Sam's journey has not been without its challenges. After the birth of their daughter Harper, the family faced a harrowing experience. Snezana endured a traumatic birth, contracting an infection in her placenta that was passed on to Harper. Recounting the event, Sam shared how Snezana's body shut down and she began convulsing shortly after Harper was born, prompting immediate concern from the medical team. Fortunately, both mother and daughter have since recovered, showcasing Snezana's resilience and strength.

Exciting Times Ahead

Currently, Snezana is channeling her energy into renovating and working on her family's beach house, demonstrating her passion for creating beautiful and comfortable spaces. Her keen eye for design and comfort is a perfect match for Homebodii's ethos, making this collaboration a natural and exciting fit.

A Proud Mother

In addition to her children with Sam, Snezana is also a proud mother to her daughter Evie from a previous relationship. Balancing her career and family life with grace, Snezana serves as an inspiration to many.

The Collection: Where Luxury Meets Versatility

The Snezana Wood x Homebodii collection is a testament to Snezana's sophisticated style and our commitment to quality and elegance. Each piece in the collection is crafted to offer luxury and comfort, designed to make women feel empowered and beautiful, whether they are at home or out on the town.

We are beyond excited for this collaboration and can't wait to share these stunning pieces with you. Stay tuned for the launch of The Snezana Wood x Homebodii collection and experience luxury sleepwear and lingerie like never before.